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As a kid i would always think of my future in the cockpit of a jet plane, wearing the uniform, doing barrel rolls on my jet plane. As i grew older, i got more interested in technology and how things work. The miraculous personal computers always made me wonder. I remember sitting on a broken couch, thinking on how the hell human made computers. The curiosity took me to a computer center in front of my home, where they would teach kids and adults DOS Commands. So i would sneak up on the computer room and seeing my utter devotion, my dad paid the fee and i was there learning Dos Commands of date and time(i remember these two very well) at the age of 13.

After 10 years..

I was officially graduated as an electrical power engineer from a well reputed university in pakistan. But i wasn't sure about electrical engineering. It was boring and it didn't fill up my inner self. So i thought of going after my interest over my career. I chose coding as i studied a few courses of coding in electrical engineering. At first i started freelancing as Smart products Designer(Arduino Based). Every client i worked with is still in contact with me only because of my passion for this sort of work. Working in this field for two years, I thought of going out of my comfort zone and doing masters.

Follow your dreams through hard work & eventually you will get there.

This was very confusing and time of distress. I wanted to do masters in Software engineering but every person i met had rejected this theory. I appeared in entrance exams of 2 universities for Masters in Electrical Engineering though i wasn't sure about it. After clearing both the tests, i got calls for interview, after successfully interviews, and my confused self, a few days after the interview, i went to one of the universities’ admission office and i told them to change my department from electrical to Software. After a long spell of tries i somehow managed to get admission in software engineering.

1.5 years Later..

I was among the 40 percent students of my class who cleared their course work on the first attempt. I am pursuing my masters thesis in Information Security. I am working on Python Based Algorithm,though i haven't used python before.

So always follow your interest because you will never feel like work when you do what you love. The doors will open, you just have to findout the things you were born to do. Choose it for yourself rather than society choose it for you.

The world of Android is unlike any other with amazing apps that solves our everyday problems. I found Kode Sense — Research based Android startup , with an aim of developing high quality apps that really works, with an added touch of minimalism to solve your every day problems.

Following my dream, I have launched a startup ‘KodeSense’ an android software Company that aims at providing the best possible solutions of the problems people are facing in this era of technology and smartphones. I am a great fan of minimalism. Android apps in Kodesense will always have added aspects of Aesthetics achieved with Minimalism.

The Journey so far…

Android apps at kode sense spans over multiple categories that includes some fine utility apps such as free vpn proxy , Kode vpn. Our educational app includes a science quiz app known as Quiz Throne. For making medical Students life easier we have developed a Medical Mnemonics app. we have recently developed a great cooking app that includes many amazing ingredients based recipes for healthy diet. In the upcoming article i will write about the top 5 apps of kode sense and how will it benefit you. :) Stay Tuned.

To learn more about kode sense apps , please visit the official blog of kodesense.

What do you think about KodeSense? Does it really make sense? Have your say.



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Muhammad Abrar

Muhammad Abrar

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